Miss. Rep. Malone in Hospital for pelvic aneurysm

By The Associated Press

JACKSON — Mississippi Rep. Bennett Malone was in surgery Monday for a pelvic aneurysm.

Malone, a 69-year-old Democrat from Carthage, was hospitalized last week after he fell down stairs at the state Capitol. His wife Theresa Malone says the fall inadvertently may have saved his life, because a cautionary MRI revealed the large aneurysm. She said doctors told her the aneurysm was the largest they’d ever seen, but they are optimistic he will be released quickly after the surgery.

Rep. Philip Gunn, a Republican from Clinton, told House members that Malone was in the hospital on Monday. An aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel expands or bulges because of a weakness in the vessel wall, and the biggest risk is that they’ll burst and cause life-threatening bleeding.

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