Miss. State Bulldogs get physical before spring break

By Paul Jones/Special to the Journal

STARKVILLE – Mississippi State ended Thursday’s spring practice with an extended scrimmage that saw the most physical play thus far in football drills. It also helped to serve as a learning lesson for the team, said Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen.
The Bulldogs used a points system that rewarded points on each play to either the offense or the defense. In the end, it was the offense winning by a slim margin while the defense had to run sprints after practice.
Mullen credited his quarterbacks – Chris Relf, Tyler Russell, Dylan Favre and Dak Prescott – for being in difference in the offense’s success.
“I think they won because our quarterbacks did a good job of managing,” said Mullen. “They were checking the ball down and getting it out of their hands and just managing the game. We had minimal turnovers and minimal sacks even though there were some protection issues.”
The MSU coaches also got to prove a point with the final tally of points, Mullen added. The final score and winning edge was eventually decided via a field goal from sophomore walk-on kicker Brian Egan.
“The margin for error is small even for these scrimmages,” said Mullen. “I think for the whole day it was 97-95 for the final with the way we tallied points. It showed the margin for error is so small between winning and losing. So it could have been any play all day that could have changed things.”
MSU will now take a two-week haitus from the practice fields before returning on March 24. As the Bulldogs exit for the break, Mullen said he feels good about what he’s witnessed thus far.
“We’ve got a little foundation,” said Mullen. “We’ve gotten some work done and gotten some things installed. We let them get a little breather and let them get away. Then we will come back and review everything we’ve done before we practice again.”

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