Missing Cobra Found After Six Days on the Loose in Bronx Zoo

By The Associated Press

The Egyptian cobra whose venom is deadly and who evaded zoo workers for six days has been found at the Bronx Zoo.
“We had to give her a chance to feel secure and comfortable so she would come out,” said Jim Breheny, director of the zoo, in a press conference Thursday.
The female cobra is resting comfortably and secure in the zoo’s Reptile House, said Breheny. The building will reopen and she will be put on exhibit once officials are sure she is healthy, he added.
“She looks in really good condition,” Breheny said.
The zoo conducted extensive sweeping searches throughout the Reptile House about three times a day before finding the snake. The zoo has not changed any protocol since the cobra went missing, Breheny said.
The cobra, who weighs about three ounces, is an adolescent of its hooded species, which is believed to be the type of snake that was called an asp in antiquity.
Cobra bites can be deadly if not treated properly. MyFoxNY.com reports that poison from an Egyptian cobra’s bite can kill an elephant in three hours and a human in only 15 minutes.
But the snakes aren’t likely to attack people unless the reptiles feel threatened, according to a fact sheet on the San Diego Zoo’s website.
The cobra still does not have a name – but Breheny suggested that the zoo might hold a naming contest for the snake who has gripped the public’s attention for the past week.

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