Missing Monroe County man’s case to be reopened

According to Monroe County Sheriff Andy Hood, the case of missing Monroe County resident Jeff Harmon is being reopened after being dormant for more than two decades.
“Jeff Harmon was reported missing in July 1985,” Hood said. “This was when Pat Patterson was sheriff. He was listed as a missing person. They did a lot of legwork in the case but they could never find a body. We believe Jeff was murdered, but unless there is a body, there’s mo murder.”
Hood said his office caught a break in the case two years ago through some correspondence with a man convicted of murder in Tennessee.
“Rodney Mills, who is from Monroe County, was arrested and convicted in Tennessee for murder,” he said. “He started writing letters to one of the narcotic agents stating he knew where the body of Jeff Harmon was buried. We sent him some photos of the cemetery in Hamilton hoping he would remember where the body was buried. After getting a search warrant and searching a grave at the cemetery, we were unable to find anything – I’m sure the cemetery looks a lot different today than it did almost 25 years ago.”
A recent interview with Mills, conducted by WWMC TV of Memphis, could be the breakthrough in the case Hood has been looking for.
“Rodney told a reporter with a Memphis TV station that he actually buried Harmon’s body,” Hood said. “We are working with local and Tennessee law officials to get Mills extradited to Monroe County to take him to the cemetery and let him do a walk through and see if he can remember where he placed the body. He also said there is evidence buried with the body that would prove who killed Harmon. It would be a great thing for the family to finally have some closure on this and to be able to give Jeff a proper burial. If we could get a conviction and solve the murder, it would just be the icing on the cake.”

Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

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