House rejects state flag mandate for universities



By Bobby Harrison

Daily Journal Jackson Bureau

JACKSON – The Republican House leadership, relying on overwhelming support of Democrats, was able to narrowly defeat a proposal designed to force the eight public universities to fly the state flag, which has the controversial Confederate battle emblem as part of its design.

The issue of the flag surfaced Monday in the House as both chambers finished the process of passing the more than 100 bills that fund state government, the universities and local school districts. The bills eventually will be put in conference where House and Senate leaders will hammer out a compromise that will be voted on by the two chambers later this month.

Rep. William Shirley, R-Quitman, tried to amend the budget bills that fund the Institutions of Higher Learning to force the public universities to fly the Mississippi flag to receive state funding. None of the eight public universities currently fly the state flag.

“IHL will display whatever the flag is in the state, a pink, polka-dotted elephant, I don’t care,” he said of his amendment. “Whatever the flag is in the state, they will fly.”

Shirley offered the amendment twice Monday. It was defeated once on a voice vote when Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, ruled enough members did not stand to require a recorded vote. On the second amendment, 58 members voted against forcing the schools to fly the flag and 56 voted for the Shirley amendment.

The outcome of the vote is precarious at best. There is a likelihood that Shirley could force another vote on the flag amendment before the end of the week.

And there is a bond bill pending dealing with the universities where the speaker must rule on whether Shirley’s flag amendment is proper.

Gunn is the highest ranking Republican state official to advocate for changing the flag.

On this issue, he has been relying primarily on members of the Democratic caucus to try to defeat the Shirley amendments.

Fourteen Republicans opposed the amendment that would have forced the universities to fly the flag. One Democrat, Nick Bain of Corinth, supported Shirley’s amendment.

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    Quitman is a fool who doesn’t have the best interest of the State of MS in mind.

    • Thile

      Not sure if Shirley’s a fool, but he has no college education.

  • Thile

    What happened? Were they afraid of putting their names on the bill for all to see? Was it the similarities to bills segregationists authored in the 1960’s to discourage MS colleges and universities from integrating by withholding state funds?

  • DWarren

    This is just another example of wimpy week kneed Establishment Republicans lacking the courage, conviction, and character to check or even to challenge the self-identified progressive claim that the taxpayers are obligated to finance the radical progressive attack on majority rule self-government in Mississippi. Progressives self-identify the subjective and relativistic right to disregard the law and to lord it over the majority at will on any whim that happens to sweep over their delusional psyches. Progressives disrespect the U.S. Flag by kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem and by refusing to display the Mississippi Flag chosen by two-thirds of the state’s voters. Progressives disregard the law of the land by setting up sanctuary communities where criminal illegal aliens are shielded from prosecution and by setting up progressive sanctuary communities where the laws of Mississippi are declared to have no effect. Progressives never bother to entertain concerns for the safety, much less the sovereignty, of traditional values American citizens.
    The obvious insinuation being made by progressives is that the majority lack the wherewithal to govern themselves and must be ruled over by those who self-identify as being superior in some way to the vast majority of citizens who progressives consider inferior to the point of being incapable of self-government. Establishment Republicans in the Mississippi House and the Mississippi Senate evidently concur with the progressive’s self-identified elitist right to rule over the majority of citizens, to the progressive diagnosis that the majority is inferior and incapable of self-government, and to the progressive’s self-identified right to nullify the law of the land at will. One may identify the Establishment Republicans by their unwillingness to represent the will of the supermajority of Mississippi voters in the two deliberative legislative bodies of state government. Many Establishment Republicans are actually Progressive Democrats who ran under the false flag of the Republican Party because they knew that their prospect of being elected as a Progressive Democrat were non-existent. Their galvanized external political party affiliation is a mismatch for their internal radical progressivism that is accurately reflected in their voting records running against the expressed will of the voters. They hold office solely to represent the radical progressive anti-American element and the progressive agenda. The idea of truly representing and pushing forward the expressed will of the majority never occurs to them. As a matter of fact, they are consistently opposed to the idea of self rule majority government with reference to the state flag or any other issue. The progressive idea of “equality” is that they have the right to do as they please and the majority has the obligation to finance the radical Left’s dismantling of the American culture, to meekly step aside and accept the furthering of the radical progressive agenda, and to be seen but not heard in the state’s deliberative legislative bodies or anywhere else.
    Progressivism is a textbook case study in self-contradiction. How else can one explain a feigned advocacy for global human rights that disenfranchises a supermajority of a state and nation? What progressives really mean when they clamor for “equality” is the unchallengeable special license to impose their radical outrageous views on everyone else and to receive largess from the public dole while forcing others to cede them unhindered abandon in their quest to eradicate American Culture and to revise U.S. History.
    Unfortunately, when politicians renege on their oath of office and abandon the responsibility to represent the majority who extended them the privilege of serving in deliberative legislative bodies, a small minority of perennial malcontent radical progressive activists are handed de facto license to dictate to the majority against the majority’s best interests. The only solution appears to be removing wimpy weak kneed Establishment Republicans from political office and replacing them with persons of sufficient courage, character, and conviction actually and accurately to take a stand for the expressed will of the people. It is readily apparent to even a casual observer that we do not yet have a majority of state legislators who are willing to assert the people’s right to self-government majority rule in either the Mississippi House of Representatives or the Mississippi State Senate. What we do have, in my opinion, is a group of reprobate cowards who will talk the talk when seeking votes and election to office, but who quickly retreat to their default position of stepping meekly aside and allowing the rampaging progressive malcontent minority to push its anti-American agenda through against the expressed will of the vast majority. So long as these circumstances remain unchanged, the majority in legislative deliberative bodies will continue only to represent effectively the small minority of radical progressive anti-American activists and to abandon the will of the majority to the status of lacking any efficacious representation whatsoever in state government. What about your Mississippi Representative and your Mississippi State Senator? Did he or she take a stand for or against the expressed will of the supermajority of the state’s voters?

    • TWBDB

      Each time I read one of your BS masterpieces, I realize you are doing nothing but projecting
      your own totalitarian mindset on progressives. It’s Orwellian doublespeak.

      Seems as I recall a few months ago, we were discussing the intricate details involved in the spinning of how selling a cupcake to a gay couple violates ones religious freedom to the extent a law must be enacted to assure the offended party not only be exonerated from this horrid task but be financially rewarded for doing so.

      Today, we discuss the prospect of state universities being financially penalized because they choose not to display the State of MS flag in a manner of your choosing.

      For people who complain definitions are being changed, you sure don’t mind changing the
      definition of totalitarian government.

      • Thile

        The “week [SIC]-kneed Establishment Republican” trope is delicious. Because all the strong, principled repubs voted for tax cuts and added nearly a billion dollars to the state’s bond debt, and now seek to raise taxes of every Mississippian earning less than $70k/year alongside their “week [SIC]-kneed brethren.

        • TWBDB