Mississippi lawmakers say no to local food regulation

By Laura Tillman/The Associated Press

JACKSON — No one’s trying to take away your supertanker of soda in Mississippi. The state House passed a bill Wednesday to make sure no one ever does.

House Bill 1182 says local governments couldn’t create their own food regulations. That means they couldn’t replicate efforts of New York City, where there are soft drink size limits and chain restaurants have to display calories on menus.

Rep. Gregory Holloway, a Democrat from Hazlehurst, says he’s unaware of groups trying to create such regulations in Mississippi, but the bill would pre-empt them.

Rep. Omeria Scott, a Democrat from Laurel says local governments should be able to set regulations to fight obesity.

The Senate on Wednesday passed a similar measure, Senate Bill 2687, to prevent local food labeling ordinances.

The two chambers exchange bills.

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