Mississippi teens more sexually active

By Michaela Gibson Morris

Daily Journal

Abstinence has been the message of choice in Mississippi. However intentions aren’t necessarily matching actions.

Not every teen is having sex, but more Mississippi teens are sexually active than their peers across the country. The 2011 CDC behavioral risk factor survey found:

• 57.9 percent of Mississippi high school students reporting having sex, compared to 47.4 percent of their peers.

• 11.8 percent of Mississippi high school students reported having sex before age 13, compared to the 6.2 percent nationally.

• 22.1 percent of Mississippi high school students reported having four or more partners. The national average was 15.3 percent.

The sexually active teens are playing Russian Roulette with unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

“They are completely blind to the consequences,” said Shelia Davis of the Lee County Family Resource Center.


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  • American

    Now break down the statistics by ethnic background and see how the numbers compare to the rest of the country.

  • the_rocket

    Someone obviously isn’t praying hard enough.

  • Kevin

    Telling teenagers not to have sex is futile. I don’t have children, but if I did and if my teen wasn’t interested in sex, then I’d be a little worried. What parents should do is instill in their children the proper values and let them know that first they’re emotionally immature at 16 or 18 to be having sex, and second, if they’re going to have sex, then they need to use a condom during the entire sexual encounter. I’d guess that Mississippi’s adolescent female population are a bunch of sluts, and the state’s male youth population are a bunch of sexual predators is because there’s nothing to freakin’ do in here for a teenager except go to church, hunt, play sports, and screw.

  • charlie

    It’s time to let the parents talk to their children at home, the preachers talk to the children at church, and let the schools teach sex education at school.
    Maybe with all three there may be some positive results.

  • MelvinPickens

    If kids are having sex at or before 13, Mississippi should be leading the country in child molesters as well!