Monday Memo

Good morning! Welcome to the second Monday Morning Memo with a quick look at the news in Northeast Mississippi. Between the Elvis Presley Festival and Ole Miss Super Regional, hope everyone had the chance to get out and enjoy the great weather.

Elvis Festival 2009

Special thanks to Stephanie Moody-Coomer, the director of marketing at the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau, for the photos like the one in this story that added to our coverage. If you went, hope you will comment here and tell us about it.

Ole Miss so close again

There was no joy for the Rebel baseball team and their fans this weekend. After winning the first game of the Super Regional, the Rebels fell in the next two and Virginia is heading to the College World Series. Huge crowds in Oxford over the weekend. Need to vent or look towards next year – visit Parrish Alford’s blog to comment and read what other fans are saying. Click here to visit Parrish Alford’s blog.

New Tupelo council, a new day

Several new council members and a new mayor — does it mean a new day for Tupelo city government? NEMS Daily Journal editor Lloyd Gray offered these thoughts – Click here to read them.

NEMS Daily Journal city government reporter Emily Le Coz wrote this anaylsis – The City Council that takes office next month will feature many new faces but faces many old issues.

Click here to read about it.

Your thoughts? What is the top priority for the new Tupelo government and city? What would you do first?

From the blogs

We’ve got great staff blogs here like Biz Buzz, Parrish Alford and Brad Locke on college sports, and Scene Now with the latest on entertainment along with many others. In the land that will hopefully soon be home of a Prius plant, we’ve also got a hybrid of reader blogs.

Here is a bit from mackjay about Ghost among grayheads and old songs – “As usual at family reunion, especially at my wife’s family, I started looking around for the old folks that we attempt to keep happy. … The gathering wound up at the church piano when people gathered around and sang the old songs, songs that became the departed people for whom those songs were favorites. This mother, that aunt, this former choir leader haunted us again with the singing. For this family those hymns became people who stood with us, even with those of us who married into the family.”

One of the many great things about Northeast Mississippi is deep family roots and thanks to mackjay for a blog remind us about that. Read more for this blog and others by clicking here. … Read and respond or start your own blog. We look forward to the conversation with you.

Are you getting to go on vacation or have some summer plans this year? Blog about it right here and tell us.

Coming up and the other 360 Journal Publishing Company sites offer the users the chance to spread the word about an event free of charge. Here is an interesting one – Chick-fil-A, Cow Appreciation Day. One breakfast, lunch or dinner meal per person who is fully dressed in a cow costume on July 10, 2009. “Cow costume” requires effort to be fully dressed like a cow from head to toe. Customers who arrive with partial attire will receive one free entree. I don’t have a cow outfit, but for a free entree it might be time to invest.

Serious thought, not so serious

The serious – An interesting story from the New York Times last week on teacher pay. It starts with the question – So what kind of teachers could a school get if it paid them $125,000 a year? A charter school in New York City is doing exactly that – click here to read more.

Not so serious – NEMS Daily Journal business editor Dennis Seid passed this along from Conan O’Brien – “In year 3000, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will merge into 1 monolithic time-waster … YouTwitFace.”

Thank you, thank you very much

From Houston – Thanks to Dr. Ron Staten, a general surgeon at Trace Regional Hosptial, who will serve our country with a 90 day medical mission in Kosovo. Thanks as well to Dr. Charles Simpson who will step in to help make sure Chickasaw County county has solid medical care. Read more here from Chickasaw Journal’s Lisa Voyles – click here for more.

And as always thanks for reading and responding here at Have a good week!

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