Monroe Board of Supervisors decides to keep Eubanks Road on the books

By Rex Wilgus/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – The Monroe County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to keep Eubanks Rd. on the county books at a public hearing during their regular meeting on Monday, March 5, 2012. The two dissenting votes were from District 3 Supervisor Carol Crawford and District 5 Supervisor Robert Tomey.

About 35 people were in attendance.

Public hearings were held on both Eubanks Rd. and Moore Rd. The hearing on Moore Rd. will continue at the board’s Friday meeting to allow supervisors time to investigate further.

Concerning Eubanks Rd., property owners asked that the board maintain the road on the county rolls even though there are no houses on the properties. Owners discussed plans to build homes in the future. The board heard from property owners in person; two letters were also read.

Former supervisor Randle Gray, who helped develop the area around Eubanks Rd., told the board that the road had been paid for by property owners.

“The road is ready to go. It’s gonna pay off,” he said. “Houses will be built.”

He added: “We’ve got hundreds of miles of roads in Monroe County that don’t have a house in sight. Don’t close the roads. If folks can’t build houses, they won’t come.”

District 3 Supervisor Robert Tomey pointed out that there were no houses on the properties yet, and that there were many roads needing attention.

“Wealthy people always get their fair share and sometimes more than their fair share,” Tomey said. “Those who are informed [get their fair share]; those who are poor or uninformed don’t. The poor always get the short end of the stick. I want to send a message that this is wrong. This is about principle. Why did we do it – that’s what I want to know. Why did we take in this road?”

Tomey noted that the road had been taken in by the previous board, of which Gray had been a member.

“I think you took advantage of your position as supervisor,” Tomey said.

District 3 Supervisor Carol Crawford said property owners can keep up their own roads to save the county money. She noted that she had a long driveway – almost as long as Eubanks Rd. – and that she maintains it herself and does not rely on the county to do so.

District 1 Supervisor Doug Wiggins said property owners should have the greatest voice in the matter. He made a motion to keep the road on the books, which board president Billy Kirkpatrick seconded. Along with District 4 Supervisor Fulton Ware, they voted to keep the road open; Crawford and Tomey dissented.

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