Monroe County investigator resigns

By Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN — Curtis Knight, a captain with the Criminal Investigation Division with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has resigned. Knight submitted his letter of resignation to Monroe County Sheriff Andy Hood and the Monroe County Board of Supervisors on Monday.

According to Knight, he was demoted from investigator to a jailer by Hood after he announced he planned to qualify for the sheriff’s race.

“I went in and told Andy that I was planning on qualifying,” said Knight. “He told me if it was him, he wouldn’t run against his boss. Then he told me he was making me a jailer. I told him I would have to think about that. He told me last Wednesday that he was going to have to cut my salary a bit. I was very disappointed by this. I still have a lot of unsolved cases I was working on, plus I still have two murder cases in court.”

Hood said that there had been a lack of communication between Knight and himself over cases in the investigation department.

“I have known of Mr. Knight’s intentions to run for sheriff of Monroe County since January of 2011,” said Hood. “Since learning of Mr. Knight’s intentions to run, I noticed a dramatic decrease in our ‘open line’ of communication. As supervisor of the CID unit, I need someone that keeps me informed on cases being worked, progress of those cases, and steps that we are making to arrest suspects of criminal activity. Over the past two months, Mr. Knight appeared to me to be withdrawing from open communication and not keeping me informed to the standard that I would expect from my lead investigator.”

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