monroe county jail

Monroe supervisors hire firm to oversee work on new jail

By Eileen Bailey

Daily Journal

ABERDEEN The Monroe County Board of Supervisors has hired a Water Valley construction firm to act as construction manager for the county’s new jail.

Board attorney John Creekmore said the board recently hired Carothers Construction Co. pending approve of all contracts.

“There still are details that need to be worked out,” Creekmore said.

The construction company will oversee all work on a new jail and will work with the architects, Pryor and Morrow of Columbus. The board hired the architects in late October to design the new jail, which will replace the current aging facility built in 1974.

The design of the jail still is in the works, Creekmore said. The board continues to look at how big the facility will be and how much it will cost, he said.

In an earlier meeting, board president C.E. “Bubba” Henley said he would like to see a 150-bed facility built to house county prisoners.

Supervisors had asked the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen to convey to them city property on which to build the new jail. Aldermen asked the board’s attorney in September to draw up an interlocal agreement that would provide supervisors with a new site.

The interlocal agreement, which must be approved not only by the local board but also by state agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office, would allow the city to join the effort to build a new jail.

In the proposed agreement, the city would provide the property, sewer and other services. The city of Aberdeen currently has no jail of its own and prisoners are sent to the Monroe County Jail.

The city board agreed to convey to the county 6 to 8 acres east of Meridian Street for the new jail. Most of the property at the site is owned by the city and is located between Green and Gerard streets.

The need for a new jail has been an issue before the board of supervisors for the last year with overcrowding situations in the current jail, which was built to house only 60 prisoners.