More DeLaughter/Peters: Frisby side wants Peters, DeLaughter words, etc.

OXFORD – Plaintiffs in a Hinds County lawsuit want all statements and testimony by former Hinds D.A. Ed Peters, as well as government investigative and grand jury materials that related to their case, Eaton v. Frisby.

Court documents filed late today in the U.S. District Court of Northern Mississippi push harder for more information about Peters’ relationships with now-former Hinds Judge Bobby DeLaughter, who presided over this case about alleged trade secrets.

Criminal and civil cases surround these allegations.

“Had DeLaughter not pleaded guilty” to obstruction of justice in a judicial bribery case involving Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, “Peters would have testified at DeLaughter’s trial – and thus would have testified as to his role in corruptly influencing DeLaughter in Eaton v. Frisby,” the motion reads.

In both cases, Peters – who was granted immunity for cooperation in the Scruggs-DeLaughter case – is accused of improper communications with DeLaughter to influence the outcome of trials.

The Frisby litigants also want to subpoena DeLaughter but have agreed to wait until he is sentenced in the Scruggs case.

While Peters’ immunity was granted in North Mississippi, it does not reach to South Mississippi, where the Eaton v. Frisby case is being litigated.

The Frisby side wants the materials because they speculate DeLaughter and Peters will invoke their rights against self-incrimination.

“The release of these materials is necessary to prevent a manifest injustice,” their motion reads.

Frisby side claims Eaton hired Peters to influence DeLaughter.

In another filing for the case, DeLaughter’s attorney, Thomas Durkin of Chicago, warns Frisby attorneys against subpoenaing DeLaughter and making an issue of trying to force his testimony about his “mental processes” earlier in the case.

“My client does not have the financial resources for us to litigate these issues with you,” Durkin writes.

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