Moreland: Stronger, faster

By Fort Worth Star-Telegram (MCT)

The rigors of a full season in 2010 – which included 157 games between Triple A, the majors and the postseason – convinced Texas Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland of the need to add some more muscle to his already fit frame.
He didn’t show any ill effects of the grind in the postseason, especially when he hit .462 in the World Series. But he hired a personal trainer anyway, started working out and eating right Dec. 18, and got his weight up five pounds to 245.
He’s bigger, but not slower. In fact, manager Ron Washington said that Moreland is moving better at first base and in the outfield.
A few quick questions for the young Rangers’ slugger:
What did you do workout-wise during the off-season? “I started a little earlier than I usually start. I had a trainer, and that was the first time I’d had a full-time trainer. I went five days a week and spent more time in the weight room than I did the cage or the field, trying to get my body back into shape. It was a long year, and I knew I needed to be in shape come spring.”
Did you have any target areas? “I didn’t really have a target area. I just wanted to get stronger. I really didn’t focus a whole lot on a goal. I didn’t say, ‘I need to lose 10 pounds’ or ‘I need to gain 10 pounds.’ I just tried to stick to my workouts, and I ate a little healthier.”
But five pounds isn’t a ton of weight? “I think I moved it around a little bit. I put it in better places than where it was.”
Can you feel the results? “I definitely feel stronger, but it’s still early, too. The season takes a toll on you. I wanted to come in this year and be in the best shape possible.”

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