Most major projects need permits from the city

By Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

This is part 6 in a weekly series featuring tips from the Development Services Department on maintaining and improving properties. Previous stories featured swimming pools, home businesses/occupations, SNAP grants, accessory structures and garage sales.

By Emily Le Coz
NEMS Daily Journal
TUPELO – Before you start that major home renovation or add the second-floor balcony you’ve always dreamed of, make sure you obtain a permit from the city Development Services Department.
Tupelo requires permits for most construction and renovation projects to ensure they comply with all applicable building codes and increase the chances of a safe, sturdy and pleasing product.
Among the projects needing a permit are: New construction, additions to the home, installing a skylight, building a balcony or a deck more than 5 feet high, converting a basement, attic or garage into a living space, installing a swimming pool and any major electrical or plumbing work.
The two-page form asks for the property owner’s information, contractor’s information and a full project description. Permit fees depend on the size, scope and nature of the work.
The city also encourages property owners to seek licensed professionals to handle their projects. A list of licensed contractors is available at City Hall.
Most contractors will provide free estimates and can fill out the necessary construction permits at City Hall, relieving the property owner from having to complete this task.
It’s best to get multiple estimates before signing a contract.
Be wary of contractors without permits, without references, without knowledge of city codes and without a permanent address.

Building Permits
YOU NEED TO OBTAIN A BUILDING PERMIT from the city before starting any of these projects:
• New construction

• Additions

• Any renovation improvement or repair costing more than $100. This can include, but is not limited to: Enclosing a carport, repairing or replacing drywall, converting an attic or basement to a living area, installing skylights, roof decking and stairs.

• Moving existing buildings

• Placing accessory structures on a property

• Installing a swimming pool

• Erecting a satellite dish or antenna

• New HVAC work

• Major electrical work

• Major plumbing work

• Gas piping

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