By Linda Hopkins

Special to the Daily Journal

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mother. I owe this all to the glorious example set by my mother. She and my father began their family with me. Mother was twenty-six. She was a career woman raising four children. She always had love and time for each of us. She said we were the joy of ther life.

Mother received her inspiration in motherhood from my grandmother. She was a remarkable woman. She married by grandfather at the tender age of sixteen. Early in their married life my grandfather became very ill and spent the rest of his life disabled. Somehow, grandmother found the time and the strength to cut and sell enough wood from their farm to move her family to town. All nine children finished school and some attended college. This was a great accomplishment during the 1930’s in rural Mississippi. At my grandmother’s funeral, the preacher said, “The greatest compliment I can give Mrs. Simmons is to say she was a mother. She raised nine children.” Her children were the joy of her life.

Grandmother Simmons received her inspiration and determination from my great-grandmother. My great-grandfather was killed when my grandmother was three years old. She had four brothers and at the age of four had to take on the responsibilities of helping care for them. Times were hard for a widowed mother of three in the early 1900’s. Her children were the only joy she had.

The Lord blessed me at the age of twenty-six with my wonderful daughter, Sonya. She has great dreams and great plans for her life. Her career plans change from day to day but her dream of motherhood remains steadfast. She wants a daughter when she is twenty-six years old. She says she will be a joy!

I do not know which is greater, having a loving mother raise you as the joy of her life or being the mother of a loving child. Either way, it is pure joy.

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