Movie crew looks back on 2012 hits, misses

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

It’s a few days into a new year, but the movie review crew has old business to handle.
This is our yearly look back at the best and worst movies of 2012.
Bad flicks
We’ll start with Wizard 106’s “Roadkill” Bill and his bad picks. Admittedly, he didn’t see as many movies as other crew members, so his list of “losers” includes a C plus and two B minuses.
He thought “Ted,” which is about a plush toy that comes to life, was funny but filthy. He gave it the C plus.
He was a fan of the “Dark Shadows” TV show, and thought the movie version with Johnny Depp should’ve been much better. He also was disappointed with Julia Roberts’ turn as an evil queen in “Mirror, Mirror.”
“It was too goofy,” he said.
Wizard 106’s Kelli Karlson gave an F to “Cloud Atlas,” which featured Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in a variety of roles.
“It was painful. It was beyond painful,” she said. “I needed a shower after that movie.”
She gave a D minus to “The Three Stooges” because she doesn’t appreciate Stooge humor. “The Watch,” a Ben Stiller film about an alien invasion, earned an I for incomplete because she couldn’t sit through the whole thing.
I agree with “Roadkill” Bill on “Mirror, Mirror,” and gave it an F because Roberts’ overacting annoyed me. I agreed with Kelli on the “Watch,” and awarded it a C minus.
I also couldn’t stand “Joyful Noise,” and gave it a D minus. I lost count of how many times I looked at my watch during this one.
Good flicks
On the good side, “Roadkill” Bill had good things to say about “Wreck-It Ralph.” He gave the animated film an A, and also gave an A to “The Artist,” a silent film that surprised a lot of viewers.
“I didn’t expect to like ‘The Artist,’ he said, “but I loved it.”
“The Avengers” is Bill’s top pick. He gave the superhero film an A plus.
Kelli gave an A plus to “End of Watch,” which featured Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as L.A. cops. She thinks Ben Affleck will rack up Academy Awards for his work as director and actor in “Argo,” which she gave an A. She also enjoyed “Lawless,” a gritty story about bootleggers during Prohibition.
I agree with “Roadkill” Bill on “The Avengers” and “The Artist.” They were completely different films, but both delivered exciting moments, as well as intimate ones.
My other top pick is “Cloud Atlas.” I know the movie was too long and too weird for a lot of people. Many, like Kelli, put it on their loser list for 2012, but I took Roger Ebert’s advice and let it wash over me. I look forward to seeing this great big mess of a fantastic film again.
Those were the ups and downs. Visit us next week as we start working on next year’s list. Happy belated New Year.
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