Ms. Ruth’s in Verona looking to serve beer

Lee County StockBy JB Clark
Daily Journal

VERONA – Southern Lee County residents will have a new place to drink beer and watch sports if Ruth Bramlett gets her say.

She is planning to begin serving beer at her downtown Verona restaurant, Ms. Ruth’s, Aug. 23 if the approval process goes smoothly.

Since Bramlett’s daughter purchased the Skybox sports bar in Saltillo, she realized Verona needs a similar place.

“My mom always said to find a need and fill it,” Bramlett said. “Since my daughter bought a sports bar I thought, ‘Verona needs a place where we can sit and watch football games and baseball games.”

The restaurant, known for the home-cooking lunch buffet, will begin opening on Friday and Saturday night once she receives her state license.

“I want to keep the prices reasonable and the general consensus is to do home cooking from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. and then salads and short orders will be available after that,” she said. “I think my hamburger steaks would make great sliders.”

She doesn’t have a set close time yet but the city doesn’t allow beer sales after midnight. “If there is a football game on, we’ll finish it,” she said.

She said as far as what types of beer they serve, she’ll listen to her customers.

“We’re going to play it by ear and that’s always worked before,” she said. “When I find out what people want, we’ll try to provide it if we can.”

Verona Mayor Robert Trice said the Board of Aldermen seemed fine with Bramlett’s proposal during their meeting Tuesday night as long as she is 100 feet from the Verona United Methodist Church and makes at least 50 percent of her sales in food.