MSGT hosts first Winter Youth Ball

By Todd Vinyard

The 2011 Winter Youth Ball, hosted by Muhammad’s Study Group of Tupelo, served as the beginning of efforts to support the general growth and development of youth people. Social Leisure and Celebration is merely one of several areas of the organization’s aim toward youth development and support.
The Winter Youth Ball at the C.C. Augustus Center included people between the ages of 13 and 18 as a means of bringing everyone together, including parents, to introduce the function in a community, family-like setting that consisted of meet-and-greet, dining, music and conversation.
Because the focus was on introducing the affair to the community as what is planned to be one of the organization’s annual youth events, the attendance age was more inclusive; and some parents brought children as young as 3 years. Going forward, however, all affairs of this nature will be more age-targeted; and parents will always have the option to serve as chaperones along with organized heads.
Though the Youth Ball hosted by MSGT as a cultural introduction to meaningful social leisure and celebration, MSGT has partnered with YIMS (Youth Innovation Movement Solution) director Drustella Neely with a focus particularly on academics (math and reading), economics and social and community development.

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