Shelton among MSNBC’s ‘rising stars’ in state

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By Robbie Ward

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Mayor Jason Shelton received national attention recently on cable news network MSNBC, which identified the first-term elected official as one of four rising stars to watch in state politics.

The left-leaning cable news network mentioned the Democratic mayor in one of a continuous series of political profiles of all 50 states. The Daily Rundown, a morning program with Chuck Todd, featured Mississippi’s “rising stars” on the Friday broadcast, appearing online Monday.

Shelton, 38, has received widespread praise for his handling of the aftermath of the shooting death of one police officer and the wounding of another in December and the city’s response to the April 28 tornado.

“He’s credited with showing strong leadership in both crises,” the MSNBC program host said of Shelton.

A producer for the show said it asked journalists from throughout the state (including this reporter) and the cable channel did its own research to help determine which politicians – two Democrats and two Republicans – to feature. Other Mississippi political leaders featured are Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber, a Democrat, state Treasurer Lynn Fitch and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, both Republicans.

Shelton began his first term in elective office in July 2013, the first Democrat elected as Tupelo mayor since 1981.

“It’s flattering to be recognized,” Shelton said Monday. “But the thought of us doing a great job is the result of a great team, not any one person.”

Supporters often encourage Shelton to consider seeking a higher office.

The mayor with a libertarian side has emphasized fiscal conservatism during his relatively short time as mayor. Even supporters of his 2013 Republican opponent have said the attorney has impressed them with his willingness to work with others.

The state GOP unsuccessfully tried to defeat Shelton and three other Mississippi Democratic mayoral candidates in 2013 elections.

As for the Tupelo mayor’s political future, he seemed open to a higher office when asked, but likely not this decade.

“Certainly not at the moment,” Shelton said. “I plan on running for re-election in Tupelo in 2017.”

  • Mikoma

    Shelton is a fine man with extraordinary talent. Unfortunately, he carries the dreaded “D” by his name which carries much too much negative baggage. The outlook is not good for his success in any statewide race. Naturally MSNBC would trumpet his success a Tupelo’s mayor. The Dem party is starved for a person the caliber of Shelton. The network’s ratings are so low it’s really remarkable how they stay on the air. I predict that NBC will soon tire of its “far left” experiment and pull the plug.

    • 1941641

      I believe Mikoma must surely carry around the “Dreaded F” in his pocket which is for FOX NEWS! And, by the way,go ahead and add a Dreaded ‘L’ right behind it, FL, for Limbaugh the symbol of American Conservatism and its Greatness! LOL!

  • facts

    MSNBC is the Kiss of death…..

    • 1941641

      If you really want to view a kiss of death news station, try Fox on for size. Enough lies roll out of there every hour of the day to send even Old Scratch Himself to the continuously burning Fires Of Hell! LOL!

  • harryblah

    Shelton isn’t the best thing that’s happened to tupelo. he’s an ambulance chasing attorney with one particular family member who likes to throw his name around, especially when he gets in trouble. going on tv and saying how trunk removal would bankrupt the city is about the most incompetent thing he could say while going to the federal government begging for money to clean up after a small tornado damaged part of the city where cops don’t exist. having his exercise sessions filmed for the 5 pm news is a waste of time, but wtva will kiss the butts of any politician no matter how crooked. Shelton will have a lot in common with ray nagen and kuame Kilpatrick before too long. no wonder Mississippi is the most corrupt state in the nation.

    • 1941641

      BLAH! BLAH! Harry Blah! Sounds like you may be part and parcel of Tupelo’s Infamous “DS”. And that, Harryblah, is no honor! Especially when you are probably kissing their fannies regularly!

      • harryblah

        that doesn’t happen. I would rather see them all in jail. one thing though, at least when all their dirt gets exposed, i’ll be sitting back and watching how fast those rats flee the ship.