MSU helps Corinth shelter with animals care

By The Associated Press

CORINTH — The Corinth Alcorn Animal Shelter is partnering with the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine to help with the care of animals.

Animal shelter director Charlette Doehner tells the Daily Corinthian that the program is at no cost to the shelter.

“It has taken us a year to get ready for this,” said Doehner. “We had to meet the veterinary standards for shelters and we have met those.”

MSU will take 15 dogs from the shelter and care for them a minimum of two weeks. The dogs must be six months and older.

Vet students will spay or neuter the animals and provide all their care, including seeing that someone adopts them. If the animals aren’t adopted, they are returned to the care of the animal shelter.

“A majority are adopted within those two weeks,” said Doehner.

The college of veterinary medicine will also provide a mobile unit to the shelter starting in January. The mobile unit is capable of performing surgery on up to 60 animals at no cost to the shelter.

“Right now we have to pay for that to be done. Seventy percent of our medical cost is spaying and neutering.

“I would like to see low-income families come and have their animals spayed or neutered here at a low cost,” Doehner said.

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