MSU's printing services, office supply closing Aug. 1

Mississippi State University announced today that Printing Services and Office Supply operations on the Starkville campus will end Aug. 1.

Earlier this year, the Select Committee on Efficiencies and Innovations recommended a cost-benefit analysis of the units in the face of unprecedented budget cuts and state funding reductions to higher education. In reviewing operations, it became clear that Printing Services has lost money steadily as technology and effective electronic communication using e-mail, blogs and websites have replaced printed documents, such as flyers, brochures and newsletters. In addition, Office Supply revenue has been dropping in favor of local and online supply outlets. Both units have also been affected by other departments’ efforts to maximize resources and eliminate costs.

“After considering the costs and benefits, a business decision was made in the best interest of the university as a whole, while being as sensitive as possible to staff,” said Wayne Bland, interim vice president for budget and planning. “The employees of Printing and Office Supply have been loyal and hard working and the closure of operations should not be viewed as a negative sign of their abilities.”

Seventeen full and intermittent positions will be eliminated when the departments close. The university will assist displaced workers in their search for other employment by providing outplacement services. These employees will be considered internal candidates for current or future vacant positions at the university based on their skills and qualifications.

Miss State Media Relations

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