Mystery remains in Aberdeen woman’s disappearance

Monroe StockBy RAY VAN DUSEN
Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – Several law enforcement agencies, search and rescue teams and individuals epitomized the sense of teamwork the past two weeks in the search of 26-year-old Teresa Ewing, who was last seen by her mother Aug. 25.

The Aberdeen Police Department arrested Ewing’s ex-boyfriend, Brian Lyons, Aug. 28 in connection with taking her car, but even with a history of a rocky relationship, no other charges were filed.

“Without her, we can’t charge him on kidnapping. We know he took her vehicle and we knew we could get him for that. His story isn’t adding up on how he could have her keys, but not know where she is,” Randle said.

Lyons has denied any involvement in Ewing’s disappearance, has been questioned by police virtually every day and remains a suspect. Ewing was with him the night she was last seen.

Family members say Lyons kidnapped Ewing and tied her to a tree early last year in the Darracott community. The Aberdeen Police Department has been the lead agency in the current investigation and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office also has joined in the search.

Randle said Ewing, a mother of three, wasn’t around to take her children to school the day after she left and didn’t return any phone calls, which family members say is not in her nature. The APD located her Chevy Tahoe on Aug. 26 on Franklin Street.

Using information relayed from the state marshals in Oxford, law enforcement first used leads from cellphone activity from Ewing and Lyons to search areas behind Finn’s Outdoor Products, Pioneer Community Hospital and F.L. Crane and around the Port of Aberdeen, Oddfellows, the Old Aberdeen Cemetery, Morgan’s Landing, Darracott and a wooded area behind Treas Lake subdivision.

“They weren’t using smartphones that have GPS in them. They had older cellphones and the centerpiece throws out a six-mile radius of where they could be,” Randle said.

According to Randle, the last reported cellphone signal was at 5:40 a.m. Aug. 26.

By Aug. 31, several other agencies and search and rescue teams from across Northeast Mississippi joined in to concentrate mainly around Oddfellows Cemetery where cadaver dogs had a hit on a gravesite.

“I’ve double-checked the gravesite with Emory Morgan and he agrees it doesn’t look like it’s been tampered with. I trust the dogs 100 percent, but when the dogs alert, it could mean a number of things like she could have been there once upon a time,” Randle said.

Throughout the search, Randle expressed his appreciation of the volunteers who have helped in the efforts, which included searches on foot, four-wheelers and horseback.

“I got a lot of support and I appreciate people bringing food and water. A lot of other communities came in and out and it’s been a great team effort and I appreciate everyone’s help,” Randle said.

As far as where the search goes from here, authorities have exhausted all the leads they have and will keep reviewing information.

“We haven’t found her yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t find her. We need people to pay extra close attention. We’ll be listening, hoping and looking for a big break,” Randle said.

Ewing has brown eyes and black hair. She is 5 feet 9 inches and weighs between 170 and 180 pounds. She was last seen wearing gray pajama pants and a white T-shirt.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Aberdeen Police Department at (662) 369-6454, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 369-2468 or Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers at (800) 530-7151.

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