NCAA changes status of Sidney's case

Renardo Sidney’s status has changed in the view of the NCAA, but his attorney isn’t sure it means anything.
The NCAA, which has been conducting an amateurism evaluation of the 6-foot-10 Mississippi State freshman for more than six months, said Thursday that Sidney’s status has been changed from “not certified due to non-response” to “under review.”
In a statement, the NCAA said, “This change allows the eligibility center staff to restart the process of determining whether Sidney meets NCAA requirements for initial eligibility.”
The original status was due to the NCAA’s claim that Sidney’s attorney, Donald Jackson, had not provided all of the information it requested, specifically Sidney family bank records.
“Some, but not all, of that information has now been received,” the NCAA statement said. “Although there is no timeline for the Sidney certification decision to be made and all requested documentation has not been received, the EC’s goal is to arrive at a decision as quickly as possible.”
Jackson called the development “an insignificant change. At this particular point, all of the information they’ve needed from over several months, they have had. I’m not interested in a change of status to ‘under review,’ unless that means that they’re going to make a decision on this young man’s life within the next several days.”
The main issue the NCAA is dealing with is the question of how the Sidneys, originally from Jackson, afforded the rent on a home in Los Angeles reportedly valued at $1.2 million.
Sidney has sat out MSU’s two exhibition games and first two regular season games, what Jackson terms a “de facto suspension.” He repeated his belief that the NCAA is intentionally delaying a decision.
“They have basically taken the position that they believe there were violations, and they are not going to stop investigating until they can justify their belief that there were violations, whether there were violations or not,” Jackson said.
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