Neighbors object to shooting range in Lafayette County

The Associated Press

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) — The Lafayette County Planning Commission has approved plans for a shooting range off Mississippi Highway 7.

The Oxford Eagle reports that the commission voted 3-2 Monday to send the proposal to the board of supervisors. The next supervisors’ meeting is Aug. 5.

TGC Outdoors, located off the highway between Oxford and Abbeville, sells firearms and miscellaneous related items, such as sound suppressers and night-vision goggles for hunting.

Joshua Gregory told the commission that he has a small area on a hill where his staff can shoot weapons for demonstrations.

“People wanted a place to be able to fire their weapons and learn how to use them,” Gregory said.

Gregory’s shooting range will be dug down 25 to 30 feet below the store level and surrounded by a 10-foot earth wall and a 12-foot berm around the entire property.

“There’s no way a stray round can leave the range,” Gregory said.

Commission member Dick Marchbanks said he was concerned children could wander onto the site.

Gregory said the 12-foot berm would have signs indicating there is a gun range nearby.

“They would have to climb this berm just like they could climb a fence,” Gregory said.

Gregory said he is also building sound baffles to reduce noise from the guns on the range.

Neighboring landowner Leroy Murphy said the shooting range will have a negative effect on the value of his property.

“Who’s gonna want to buy and move to that property with a gun range there?” he said. “And how can they be sure nothing’s gonna happen. Accidents happen, especially when there’s alcohol and guns.”

Gregory said no alcohol use will be permitted on the range.

“While we can’t test people, we are trained to look for alcohol and drug use and anyone suspected of being under the influence will be removed from the property,” Gregory said.

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  • willerz

    I like how he throws alcohol and guns in there, like this is a bar/gun shop. News flash Leroy, you have a higher chance of one of your neighbors being home, getting drunk, and playing with a gun, than you do of someone drunk and playing with a gun on the firing range. If you are gonna make some BS excuses, at least make them believable.

    As far as the property value going down, tough luck. You don’t want him putting something on his own property, then you buy the property from him. Until then, it’s his property, and he does as he sees fit, not as Leroy sees fit.