NEMS Daily Journal will sport new look Monday

By Lloyd Gray/NEMS Daily Journal

Your Daily Journal will arrive Monday morning in new attire.
The Journal will debut an updated look, which includes a new logo that combines the newspaper’s 141-year tradition with a more contemporary feel.
We won’t change the main text type, but you’ll see new headline and photo caption styles designed for easier reading. We’ll have a cleaner, simpler, less cluttered presentation.
You can also expect to see fewer stories continue from one page to another. And we’ll anchor things like the weather on the same page every day so you don’t have to search for them.
Many front-page stories will be more succinct to save readers’ time, but we’ll often have more information on a topic inside the front section for those who want it.
Local news will continue to be our primary focus. We’ll still have summaries of nation and world news, but we know you can get that in a lot of other places. What readers tell us they value most is the local news, sports and features that only we provide.
In short, this new Daily Journal redesign is all about convenience and ease of use for our readers. Let us know what you think.

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