Nettleton mayor sets multiple goals for city

Nettleton Mayor Jimmy Taylor has high anticipations and fresh ideas to revitalize his town. (Alice Ortiz)

Nettleton Mayor Jimmy Taylor has high anticipations and fresh ideas to revitalize his town. (Alice Ortiz)

Monroe Journal

NETTLETON – New Mayor Jimmy Taylor said his first month in office has been good.

“It’s been very interesting. I think there are a lot of opportunities here. I had a lot of contact with people even before I took office and they want a place for their kids to play ball. We are working on revamping the entire park and rec program.

We will change existing fields, if necessary,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the people of Nettleton needed a place to play. If the ball fields are available locally, it will bring others in while keeping locals playing on the city’s own fields.

“We want to make sure it is ready for spring sports in 2014,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he always had been a goal-oriented person. His military background and previous work experience are proving very beneficial to his mayoral position.

A cleanup and fix-up program is being initiated in the city. Taylor said he has met with the code enforcement officer and a cleanup program has been initiated. Nettleton has four wards and Taylor wants each alderman to be responsible for cleaning up his own ward.

“There are lots of older people that can’t clean up around their place. I am hoping that some churches will step up and help those people get their property up to code,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the city has plans for a future veterans’ park and space has already been set aside of it.

“We would like to have a memorial like the one in Amory and we are getting information on how to go about it. The park will offer much more than a monument, though. We are going to put a walking track out there, park benches and picnic tables. There are nice trees around the park and it will make a nice place for people to take a little time and relax,” Taylor said.

Taylor said there is property on Metts Road that will be the future Causey Park. The property was donated to the city by Doris Causey for a children’s park. The city will apply again this fall for a grant for the park.

“I think it is important for people riding through town to see a town that looks good. We have good schools here, but the schools won’t matter if the town is not appealing for families,” Taylor said.

He’s also looking to start a Main Street program and is checking into ways to implement that program.

“We are blessed to be on the line with Lee and Monroe counties,” Taylor said.

Another project in the works is paving seven streets in need of repair. Nettleton will work with Monroe County on the project and in the stage of just waiting on the money.

“I recently attended a Mississippi Municipal League school on the coast and it was very informative and helpful. I am blessed to have a great staff to work with. They are making my transition much easier,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the reason he decided to run as mayor of Nettleton was once he realized that was where he was going to live the rest of his life, he wanted to make it as good as he could. He attended the aldermen meetings for about a year to see how things were done before deciding to run for mayor.

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