Nettleton offers period to pay fines without fees

By JB Clark
Daily Journal

NETTLETON – Anyone with an outstanding fine in Nettleton has an opportunity during the next two months to pay those fines without paying any fees incurred by the fine.

The amnesty period is an attempt to collect money owed to the city and reduce the number of outstanding warrants.

“We have so many unpaid fines, and they keep collecting and collecting fees on them,” said Assistant Chief Lance Bowen. “What we’re going to do with the amnesty is take away the fees until Oct. 1 if you pay the original fine.”

City Clerk Dana Burcham said they are owed close to $360,000 in unpaid fines.

Burcham said anyone with a fine can come in before Oct. 1 and work out a payment plan with the city to clear their name.

Bowen said the city wants to see at least 75 percent of the warrants paid during the next two months.

“On Oct. 1, we’re going to start trying to serve every single one of the warrants,” Bowen said.

Nettleton Police Chief A.D. Heard said they also plan to publish the names and fine amounts for everyone with outstanding fines after the deadline.

Burcham said, in budgeting for the new year, the city is working to make arrangements to have a warrant officer in the Nettleton Police Department.

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