Nettleton powerlifters make mark at national meet

By Brandon Speck/Monroe Journal

Nettleton’s girls powerlifters deadlifted their way to national recognition in May.
With the help of Molly Sorto (Pontotoc), Patrice Lloyd (Ridgeland), Ashley Montgomery (McClain) and Janet Stewart (McClain), the Nettleton team won the Teen/Jr. National Championship at the 2011 USAPL Women’s National Powerlifting Championships in Atlanta.
The team qualified after a qualifying meet in Hattiesburg last year.
Sophomore Millie Coggin set a national deadlift record along the way, lifting 269.5 pounds in the 123.2-pound class (T-1 age division).
“She gave it everything she had and I don’t think she could have lifted one pound more,” Nettleton coach Chad Lindamood said. “She was proud.”
Recent graduate Jade Sullivan won her 105.6-pound class (T-3 age division), totaling 649 pounds, including a 280.5-pound deadlift.
Sullivan attempted a 303-pound national deadlift record but missed it. She lifted 300 six times this year.
“For us to compete against kids from all over the nation was outstanding,” said Lindamood, whose team beat a pair of Texas teams to earn the title. “I was impressed.”
As it usually does, his team out-squated most of its competition and benchpressed crucial totals for the first time wearing benchpress shirts. They also narrowly missed two more national deadlift records.
Holly Schlicht, a 2010 graduate, narrowly missed a 330-pound national deadlift mark but finished first in the 114.4-pound class (T-3 age division) with 682 pounds, including a 302.5-pound deadlift.
Schlicht lifted the 330 pounds but judges said her shoulders weren’t back far enough.
Coggin totaled 605 pounds to win the 123.2-pound class. Ashley Pitts, a senior, also grabbed first place. She totaled 737 pounds in the 148.5 (T-2 age division). She had a 313.5-pound deadlift.
Kimmy Nicholson, a 2009 Nettleton graduate, totaled 720.5 pounds in the 148.5-pound class (T-3 age division) and finished with a third place.
“It was fun having them back,” Lindamood said of his previous graduates. “It was like one last round for them.”

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