New Albany adopts new rental ordinance

By The Associated Press

NEW ALBANY — The city of New Albany wants to protect the health and safely of renters.

WTVA-TV reports that aldermen voted this week to approve a new rental ordinance. Officials said the ordinance will replace the one that was never enforced.

It has taken over a year and several revisions for New Albany to adopt a new rental ordinance.

With about 38 percent of the housing in the city considered rentals, Alderman-at-Large Scott Dunnam said having local residents staying in substandard housing is bad for their health, safety and welfare.

The ordinance will require all rental properties to be registered, inspected at least every two years or each time the property is rented.

As a landlord himself, Dunnam said the ordinance will really only affect the landlords who are not keeping their property up to standard.

“The biggest problem is the landlords who are not from the city that own a pretty number of rentals. They just don’t have the personal connection. They don’t live next door to them (renters) and they are not as apt to keep them nice and up to standards,” said Dunnam.

David Greer Jr. and his family own an equipment rental company and several rental properties in the city. He said he welcomes the new ordinance. He said it’s the bad landlords that make it hard on the good landlords.

“It’s kinda like being a used car dealer. I used to be a used car dealer years ago. You know you don’t get much respect. All it takes is one or two (bad salesman) to give them all a bad name,” Greer said.

City officials said landlords will have 60 days from public notification to get their properties registered or be charged a fine of $300.

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