New Albany Board of Aldermen to discuss city attorney's job tonight

By NEMS Daily Journal

NEW ALBANY – Longtime city attorney Robert “Bobby” Carter faces ouster after 15 years of service because he agreed to file a federal lawsuit against Toyota.

The automaker’s newest facility sits just a few miles southeast at Blue Springs, in Union County, awaiting the corporation’s production go-ahead in the midst of a global recession and a massive product recall.

“Toyota’s not as upset as we are,” New Albany Mayor Tim Kent said Friday about his Board of Aldermen’s five members, who’ve worked with Carter across two decades.

Tonight aldermen will go into executive session to discuss whether Carter should keep his job with the city.

Kent says Toyota sees the lawsuit as “just business,” although the officials he talked with say they would have preferred its filing in south Mississippi instead of the Northern District, where the company eventually plans to make vehicles.

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