New Albany sees water damage

By Lynn West/New Albany News-Exchange

NEW ALBANY – Union County escaped serious wind damage from this weekend’s storms, but high water left its mark in many ways.
Mayor Tim Kent said Bankhead Street was closed Sunday when it looked as if water would cover the street.
It did not get quite that high but did flood the area just north of the railroad, putting about two feet of water in the former Luv-A-Pet building and almost touching the base of the new Tallahatchie River bridge.
Just downstream, the mayor said, “There is now about three feet of mud covering the Tallahatchie Trails. We won’t know about the paved paths and things until we can dig down to it.”
From the city’s standpoint, the Sportsplex sustained the worst damage. The soccer fields were under the most water and debris knocked down several fences.
Kent said he was particularly worried about the new water park that was scheduled to be put in service Memorial Day weekend. The pumps and wiring are underground, and although the container is supposed to be waterproof, Kent said the force of the flooding dislodged that top.
They were pumping water out Monday so they could see if the equipment could be salvaged.
The mayor said he found almost no street damage, but that wasn’t the case in the county. Closed because of damage were County Roads 189, 221, 128, 140, 46, 87 and 47, several of which are in the southern part of the county.
One weather-related death was reported Saturday night in Union County. Tyler Sloan, 20, of Saltillo may have hydroplaned on U.S. Highway 78, which caused him to hit a bridge abutment and crash.

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