New Calhoun City business will open soon

CALHOUN CITY – The former Kellwood Outlet building on South Main Street is near opening as a new business.
Building owner Norman Griffin told the Rotary Club last week that he hopes to soon be able to begin training technicians to install solar power systems for homes.
“I learned about solar power in Colorado,” Griffin said. “I lived on top of a mountain, and there were no power lines.”
After using and studying more about solar power, Griffin decided to form a company in 2006 to promote and train installers of solar energy systems.
“I’m doing this because I believe in it and I know it works,” he said. “The problem is the cost … (but) the cost is coming down. The more solar components are made and assembled here, the more the cost will come down.”
The building has been split in half, with a classroom and space for solar components used in the training exercises. The business will also design solar power systems and cater to businesses and subdivisions, though individual homes can also be served.
Griffin said he expects to have solar panels mounted for the building soon, and to then take the building off the electrical grid.
Politics convinced Griffin that now was the time to move on activating the business.
There’s a federal tax credit of 30 percent for installation of solar power systems, and the credit can be sold if a cap-and-trade carbon tax is enacted. Some states, including Colorado, also have a solar power tax credit.
Sen. Jack Gordon said he will introduce a solar tax credit bill similar to Colorado’s in the next legislative session,” Griffin said.

Mack Spencer/Monitor-Herald

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