New classroom space almost ready at South

Progress Staff Writer

South Pontotoc fifth grade students are only days away from occupying new classroom space after their old building was destroyed by fire a year and a half ago.
The old building was used primarily as a gym but increased student population pushed school leaders to build new classrooms in the reconstruction.
The new building will house the fifth grade students rooms, a gym and a stage.
Students should be in the new building when they return from Thanksgiving holidays.
Rud Robinson , a spokesman for Pryor and Morrow Architects, Tupelo, gave the Pontotoc County School Board an update on the completion of the 20,000 square foot one-story building at the board’s last meeting.
“We have to do a test on the dryness of the slab, to make sure moisture won’t be a problem when we install the vinyl tiles,” said Robinson. “Once that is established, it will take about 10 days for the tiles to get here. and the installation should be complete somewhere on or about November 11.”
Dr. Belinda Mothershed, assistant superintendent of schools, asked Robinson if he believed there would be a moisture problem.
“There was not a problem with it before, and the building stands on a hill, so I don’t foresee any problem this time,” said Robinson.
“The principals would like to move into the building during the Thanksgiving holidays,” returned Mothershed.”
Robinson said based on all available information he didn’t foresee anything that would keep that from happening.
In addition to the update on the activities building, Robinson gave the board an estimate on how much it would cost to build a band hall at South Pontotoc.
“If we completely build the building for you it will cost $265,000 or $80 a square foot, or we can build you a shell of a building for $161,000 or $50 a square foot.”
Robinson said the shell building would simply be a metal building on a slab and that is it. “The other will be completely done.”

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