New generation reflects upon 9/11

By Chris Kieffer/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Those who lived through Sept. 11, 2001, will never forget the day or the emotion that accompanied it.
Now that the tragic day is 10 years old, however, a new generation is emerging with no memory of its events. These are the children who were newborns or who hadn’t yet been born.
As they grow older in a country that was forever reshaped by Sept. 11, 2001, what do they know about the day itself?
Thomas Street Elementary School teacher Tara Harris recently discussed the day with her second-grade challenge class.
The students read the book “September 12: We Knew Everything Would Be All Right,” written and illustrated by first-grade students at Masterson Elementary in Kennett, Mo.
The class talked about the leaders who emerged from that day and about its everyday heroes. Harris taught them a new word: unity.
Many of the 7- and 8-year-old students had no prior knowledge about the day.
“Most of them were shocked someone would be this cruel,” said Harris, who was leading a reading group at Pierce Street Elementary 10 years ago when the planes crashed into the twin towers. “We talked about feelings from that day. We tried to turn a positive spin and talk about the acts that were done.”
The students also wrote essays and drew pictures depicting 9/11 through their eyes. Their work is below.
10 Years Ago – 9/11
By Margaret Franks
Ten years ago some mean people destroyed two enormous skyscrapers in New York City on 9/11/01. That was the same year that my parents got married. Who would hate our Earth? Because I love the earth and so should you. I hope they will never do that again.
A Sad Day
By Sarah Buzzell
I was not born in 9/11/01 but I remember this day. It was a very sad day. This happened in New York City. Children were very sad, because they might have lost their family. I am so sorry for these people. There were men that were not nice. They took two planes and smashed into the twin towers. They knew they were going to die. This was a sad day. I think the people felt sad so they started to pray to God.
The Crash
By Laura Layton
A bad day came. It was full of disaster. A few bad people crashed on purpose and knocked down the twin towers. Everyone screamed, shrieked and cried. Everyone was very sad. It was 9/11/01.
By Emma Gregory
On 9/11 something terrible happened. The twin towers in New York City fell. Everybody was downhearted because mean people destroyed them. It was the worst day ever. We are thankful for everybody who helped.
The Bad Day
By Zack Overton
Ten years ago, the twin towers in New York City fell. When it happened everybody was miserable. Lots of people died and some survived. People from all around the nation came to help. The day after, everybody still went to school, the sun still shined, people still had jobs.
U.S.A.’s Bad Day
By Olivia Ellis
Ten years ago there was a plane crash in New York. Some people did not survive. Some had to go to the hospital. Everyone prayed for the people that did not survive!
The Sad Day
By Claire Carpenter
Some people said they didn’t like our country, so they crashed into some skyscrapers in New York City on 9/11/01. Many people died and cried. Some people came together and helped each other and supported this bad day.

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