New Guntown mayor focuses on continuing projects

Lee County StockBy JB Clark
Daily Journal

GUNTOWN – Bud Herring has been busy acclimating to the Guntown mayor’s office and said it’s an experience he’s enjoying.

“The transition has been very smooth and all of the employees have been super helpful,” he said. “I’m definitely enjoying being mayor and as soon as I get caught up, I intend to get back into the public and visit with folks to get input.”

Herring said his first priority is to continue the projects already in the works, including working on the Sand Creek regional sewage project, a new water tower and annexation.

The annexation, he said, is still a ways out but will be a way for the city to attract more sales tax revenue so that it is not relying only on property tax.

“I would like to see more business,” he said. “I know everyone says that but since we’re growing residential, we would like to see more (of a) sales tax base.”

Grant money, Herring said, is what is standing in the way of a new water tower. The grant has been applied for and Herring said once the tower has been built it will help with water supply and pressure, especially if the city expands.

A project Herring said he has talked to the Board of Aldermen about is moving the Guntown Police Department into the old city hall to give the department more privacy and the administrative offices more room.

Another project is opening a public forum to get input from the public and provide clarity on city decisions.

“I think I would like to get a forum together to meet every two or three months where the folks can come in and ask questions and get answers,” Herring said. “It will help inform the public on policies and regulations.”

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  • barney fife

    The water in Guntown is undrinkable. Maybe the new mayor will try a glass of water from the tap.