New services coming Monday

By Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – All newly annexed residents on Monday will switch to city garbage services and those already connected to city water and sewer will start seeing lower rates.
Tupelo annexed 1,245 households this month after a years-long legal battle with Lee County. Although the city immediately extended police, fire and code protection to the new areas, other services require extra time.
Waste Management, which handles Tupelo’s residential garbage collection, spent the past week delivering new garbage cans and recycling bins to the annexed households. Each should contain a schedule for regular collection dates.
New routes start Monday.
Also Monday, Tupelo Water amp& Light will adjust its rates for the 850 households that previously had been getting municipal water and sewer as rural customers. TWamp&L charges different rates for customers inside the city than it does for those outside, said TWamp&L Manager Johnny Timmons.
Now that those customers are inside Tupelo, they’ll start getting the lower rate: $9.89 for the first 3,000 gallons of water or sewer and $12.15 for the next thousand. That’s versus the rural rate of $13.17 and $14.34, respectively.
Most of those customers get both water and sewer, with the exception of households in the Indian Hills and Deer Park subdivisions, which get city sewer only.
Street lights also are on the way. TWamp&L will begin working next month with Tombigbee Electric Power Association to determine the locations of street lights for the annexed areas.
“The rule of thumb is every other lot line has a light,” Timmons said. “We also try to light up all major intersections.”
TEPA still serves, and will continue to serve, many of Tupelo’s new residents.
After the lights are installed, the city will pay TWamp&L and TEPA for the electricity they consume. City Clerk Kim Hanna said Tupelo plans to spend $1.2 million in the next fiscal year for all street lights citywide.

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