Newborn lambs herald in spring

By Alice Ortiz/Monroe Journal

AMORY – You know it’s getting close to spring when lambs are born.
Newborn lambs are popping up almost daily at the mini farm of Jimmy and Theresa Glenn of Amory.
About four years ago, Jimmy had several cows that got to be too many for one person to handle. He got rid of them and kept thinking he needed something for the couple’s mini farm.
“I knew someone in Smithville who had sheep and so I got some. Sheep are really easy to handle,” Jimmy said.
He said the sheep eat the grass down to zero and are very docile.
“I like to keep close to God’s creation and our grandchildren love the animals. We just enjoy having the sheep,” Jimmy said.
Jimmy said there are herds of sheep in south Mississippi that have from 5,000-8,000 head. The sheep he has are the Katahdin breed, which are a unique breed developed to produce meat efficiently and economically.
The meat is described as excellent. The breed is also known as easy lambers and excellent mothers. They have 150 days gestation, are low maintenance and do not require shearing.
“You can’t have sheep without dogs and we have two Great Pyrenees dogs that live with the sheep. Sometimes you see the lambs or sheep laying next to the dogs. The dogs keep other animals from bothering the sheep,” Jimmy said.
Within the past week, there have been nearly 20 babies born, some are single and some are twin births. Before it is all over, Jimmy expects to have nearly 25 to 30 more baby lambs born.
There is a large demand for lamb meat now due to so many Europeans living in Mississippi.

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