No politics for now; it's all MSU for Tuck

STARKVILLE – Amy Tuck says she’s concentrating on Mississippi State University, far from the state Capitol dais where she surveyed the Senate as lieutenant governor until three years ago.
“I love my job – this is home,” Tuck insists as she surveys the green, green grass of campus, dotted with white and pink flowering shrubs and nodding yellow daffodils.
Today, as MSU’s executive director for campus operations, she supervises a staff of 210 and encourages them to make the proverbial trains run on time across this large land-grant university. She draws high marks from MSU President Mark Keenum, who inherited her from a previous administration, and from the people who work with and for her.
But it’s an election year in Mississippi, and while she’s not among the candidates, she keeps her political contacts strong and her political antenna high.
And if Tuck were to decide to run, says political columnist Charlie Mitchell of Oxford, “she would be a force.”

Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

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