No rehearing for suspended Judge McGee

By The Associated Press

CORINTH — A judge accused of encouraging vigilante justice by saying a case should have been handled “down on the farm” instead of in court has been denied a rehearing on his 270-day suspension by the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Alcorn County Justice Court Judge Jimmy McGee was suspended in August. The Daily Corinthian reports the state Supreme Court denied the rehearing in a decision made public Thursday.

The Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance had accused McGee of making the statement in another judge’s court while interfering in a case in which his relative was a crime victim.

The court record said McGee’s close relative was the victim of a crime, and that the perpetrator was charged with a felony, but it was reduced to a misdemeanor.

The judge allegedly tried to dictate what kind of bail the suspect could have and interrupted an executive session of the county’s board of supervisors to berate the sheriff for not following his request, the court record said. He also was accused of discouraging lawyers from taking the case and making the inflammatory comments during a Circuit Court hearing for the suspect accused of the crime against McGee’s relative.

“I could assure you that if anything like this ever happened to anybody that I know, my advice to them would be do not use the court, handle it themselves,” McGee allegedly said in open court when allowed to speak.

“I would like for everyone in this court to know that had I had this to do over again we would never had went to a grand jury, that we would have taken care of this down at Biggersville, Mississippi, down on the farm like things should have been taken care of.”

The Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance had considered that statement as “encouraging others to engage in vigilante justice.”

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