No switching parties if you voted Aug. 2

By Bobby Harrison/NEMS Daily Journal Jackson Bureau

JACKSON – You can’t change party primaries in Tuesday’s runoff if you voted on Aug. 2.
For instance, anyone who voted in the Republican primary on Aug. 2 that nominated Phil Bryant for governor and Tate Reeves for lieutenant governor can’t go to the polls Tuesday to cast a ballot for Johnny DuPree or Bill Luckett in the Democratic primary for governor.
Similarly, people who voted for Luckett or DuPree on Aug. 2 cannot cast a ballot Tuesday for Lynn Fitch or Lee Yancey in the Republican runoff for treasurer.
People who voted in the Republican primary on Aug. 2 can’t vote in the Democratic primary Tuesday or vice versa.
While people cannot cross party lines between the first primary and the runoff, people who did not vote on Aug. 2 can vote in either party runoff election Tuesday – just not both.
Tuesday’s runoff is solely for offices where no candidate got a majority on Aug. 2.
Besides the two statewide runoffs – for governor on the Democratic side and treasurer on the Republican side – there are three runoffs in House races and a slew of local runoffs in Northeast Mississippi on Tuesday.
People who want to vote for a Democratic candidate for governor and a Republican for treasurer will have to wait until the Nov. 8 general election to do that.

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