Northwest flights stranded in Tupelo briefly by storm

Northwest flights stranded in Tupelo briefly by storm

TUPELO -The Tupelo Municipal Airport has been trying to get Northwest Airlines to service the city with more flights and larger planes. It got its wish Tuesday night; but, unfortunately, the planes weren’t going anywhere.

Bad weather in Memphis forced Northwest’s regional carrier, Northwest Airlink, to detour several flights away from its Memphis hub to Tupelo to wait out the storm.

A Northwest spokesperson said Wednesday that eight flights were grounded in Tupelo for awhile Tuesday night. The flights, originating in places like Pensacola; Chattanooga; Columbus, Ga.; Dothan, Ala.; and Meridian, began arriving in the early evening.

Passengers waited in the airport terminal until the weather improved enough about 12:45 a.m. to continue on into Memphis, the spokesperson said.

The stranded fleet consisted of five 33-seat Saab aircraft and three 19-seat Jet Stream aircraft.

The city normally is served by the 19-seat aircraft, but airport officials have been lobbying the airline to switch to the larger, 33-seat aircraft.

-Marty Russell

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