Nosy neighbors come in handy during the holidays

TUPELO – Police say the best way to be a good neighbor this holiday season is to be a nosy neighbor.
Sgt. Katarsha White is coordinator for the Tupelo Police Department’s Community Oriented Police Program that encourages people in the community to get involved with law enforcement. The city has been hit hard by burglaries for much of the year and with the holidays here, those numbers aren’t expected to decrease.
Because police can’t be everywhere, White said people can help one another fight property crimes simply by watching.
“We always encourage people to know their neighbors because that is important if people are going to watch each other’s property,” said White. “People can really help one another out a lot if they just be observant. When you see things that are out of the ordinary in your neighborhood, call the police. The sooner you report things the faster someone can respond.”
Mattie Mabry is former president of the Haven Acres neighborhood association. As a nearly 40-year resident of the neighborhood, Mabry said she’s made it her business to know what’s going on in her neighborhood and that includes knowing every time one of her neighbors goes away for a weekend.
“When my neighbors leave home I make sure that some of us in the neighborhood knows,” said Mabry. “That way if we see anything out of the ordinary we can immediately get it checked out. We live in a good neighborhood, but like every neighborhood, sometimes bad people come in. We watch each other’s backs.”
Mabry said the most important thing when people are watching each others’ homes is to not be afraid to call the police.
“The police are our friends,” she said. “I have no problem letting them know when something is not quite right. If we don’t report things then nothing can ever get done.”

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