NRC review of TVA's Browns Ferry nuke plant May 31

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials will discuss the 2010 performance of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant on May 31 in Athens, Ala.

An NRC statement Wednesday said the meeting will be held in the plant’s training center auditorium.

NRC spokesman Roger Hannah said such meetings are held for every nuclear plant and the Browns Ferry discussion “isn’t a result of anything that has happened recently.”

The NRC found that Browns Ferry overall operated safely in 2010 but Hannah said a “red” level violation with a low pressure coolant injection valve in October will be discussed. He said a recent valve shutdown at Browns Ferry was not “terribly safety significant” since it lasted just 40 minutes.

TVA nuclear spokesman Ray Golden said TVA looks forward to the meeting

The Associated Press

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