NTSB finds loose nut on plane that crashed in 2011

By The Associated Press

TUPELO — The National Transportation Safety Board says there was a loose nut on a fuel line on an airplane that crashed in Tupelo in 2011.

Pilot David Duncan was killed when the twin engine Cessna 310 crashed shortly after takeoff.

The NTSB report says the left engine was tested after the crash and it quit when the nut was loosened the same amount.

NTSB says anti-tamper putty around the nut was broken. The putty is used to indicate if a nut has been loosened — purposely or by causes like vibration.

The report says a mechanic removed the nut the day before the crash to replace a cylinder.

NTSB says the mechanic told investigators he tightened the nut to proper torque but didn’t have anti-tamper putty to put around it.

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