Nunnelee says 'fire anyone' who allowed GSA scandal to happen

By Emily Le Coz

TUPELO – U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee, R-Miss., on Wednesday called for the ousters of anyone responsible for a widely criticized $823,000 spending spree by the nation’s General Services Administration.

In a Twitter post shortly before noon, the 1st District congressman said “all of the people at GSA and the Obama administration responsible for allowing this to happen should be fired.”

The post then linked to a two-minute video (Click here to watch) highlighting the various expenditures related to an October 2010 conference the GSA held in Las Vegas. Included in the tally: Roughly $136,000 for planning, $146,000 for catering, $8,100 for yearbooks, $6,300 for commemorative coins and $3,000 for a mind reader.

An Office of the Inspector General report issued April 2 found that “many of the expenditures on this conference were excessive and wasteful and that in many instances, GSA followed neither federal procurement laws nor its own policy on conference spending.”

GSA officials have been testifying this week before the House Committee On Oversight & Government Reform, none of whose members hail from Mississippi.

During testimony Monday, GSA Chief of Staff Michael Robertson told the committee the an attorney in the White House knew about the lavish spending spree shortly after May 2011.

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