Nursing home news from Floy Dyer Manor

Nursing home news from Floy Dyer Manor
By Grace Moore
Special to the Chickasaw Journal
HOUSTON – On Friday, May 15, church services were conducted by Bro. Ralph Pullen from Parkway Baptist Church. We had 16 present with two visitors.
We played Bingo with the Helping Hands of Parkway in the afternoon. Helpers were Frances Pumphrey, Nell Braswell, Robert and Nancy Dendy and their dog, Baby Love. Winners were Ruth Lancaster, Ruby Hodnett, Johnnie Duncan, Glenda Nichols, Christine Eaton, Catherine Reeves, Laura Box, Etoyle Nabors, Grace Moore, Dorothy Alford, Zula Warnick, Ms. Pulliam and Lucille Bray. We had 28 present and we had a real good time. Thanks to them for being so nice to us.
On Saturday, May 16, we had our crochet class in the morning. We really enjoyed it. We always have lots of fun.
On Sunday, May 17, we had church services from Houston Church of the Nazarene led by Rev. David Ching and wife, Angela. May God bless all of them. We had 16 present.
In the afternoon, we had a singing with Paul and friends, Sharon Davis and Billy Taylor. We really enjoyed them. They did a real good job. We had 15 present with eight visitors.
On Monday, May 18, we played Bingo in the afternoon. We had a real good time. We had some real good refreshments. Jo Ellen Free furnished the refreshments. Helpers were Jo Ellen Free, Judy Hill, Ruth Gann, Nelda Moore, Glenda Scarbrough and Thelma Allen. Winners were Glenda Nichols, Guinette Vancleave, Ruby Hodnett, Ruth Lancaster, Mary Evans, Catherine Reeves, and Lemmie Kilgore. We had 28 present.
On Tuesday, May 19, church services were conducted by Jim Hewitt from the Fellowship Nazarene Church. We had a real good time and had 25 present.
On Wednesday, May 20, we just enjoyed our TV and fellowship with each other. We want to thank Myra Campbell for fixing our hair and keeping us looking good.
We had church services in the afternoon with George Owens. He is a resident here and did a real good job. We loved it very much. We had 20 present.
On Thursday, May 21, we played a game called, “What is your state of Mind?” Winners were Zula Warnick, Mary Evans, Ara Garner, Laura Box, Inez Dotson and Johnnie Duncan. We had 22 present.
Robert Nabors from Fort Worth, Tex., came to visit his sister, Etoyle Nabors, and Mrs. Zula Warnick. It was good to see him.

Lisa Voyles