Off the Square Market plans finalizing in Pontotoc

By David Helms/Pontotoc Progress

Plans are being finalized in hopes of advertising for bids in mid-February for construction of a pavilion style facility in downtown Pontotoc to serve as a farmers’ market and host facility for activities and fund-raisers.
The facility, which has been named “Off the Square Market,” will be located at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Lafayette Street.
The property adjoins Antiques Off the Square and is located at the south end of the old Sunflower Grocery parking lot.
Planning committee members met with architect Dusty Parker, Pontotoc Chamber/Main Street Director Ellen Russell, Pontotoc Mayor Jeff Stafford and E.S.I. engineers Norman Nichols and Kevin Hall last Wednesday to discuss final plans for the project, which was proposed last March.
Parker told the committee he would have final plans and drawings completed within two weeks.
Mayor Stafford said that $150,000 has been budgeted for the project.
“We need to advertise for bids on the project by February 19 when the aldermen meet mid-month,” Stafford said.
“Weather permitting, we’ll go ahead immediately and begin some dirt work for the berm area which adjoins the antique store,” Stafford said. “We’ll also be removing the old asphalt strip that’s got to come up.”
Plans for the facility include a 60-ft. by 24-ft. arbored entry way, bordered on each side by restrooms, which will face Lafayette Street.
The two 150 square foot restrooms will be constructed of brick and galvanized aluminum siding.
Plans also include 11 bay areas (16’ by 14’ each) which will be constructed along the Jefferson Street portion of the property.
“Those first six bay areas are designed to be built in pairs, which will step down to fit the gentle slope of the property,” Parker said. “Those other five bays will be on the level portion of the property.”
Ellen Russell said each of the covered bays will be lighted and furnished with water and electricity for vendors who wish to sell fruits or vegetables.
“We’ve had folks for years who sell fruits and vegetables up on the court square and we’re hoping the accommodations will entice these folks to use the new facility and attract other vendors from surrounding counties also,” Russell said.
Parker said the Lafayette Street entrance and the farmer market bays will surround an 8,000 square foot grass plaza.
“The whole facility, including rest rooms, will meet A.D.A (Americans Disability Act) requirements,” Parker said.
Terry Lynn Donaldson, landscape superintendent for the city of Pontotoc, showed committee members an overlay of a proposed landscaping plan for the facility.
Mayor Stafford said the city will probably seek two different quotes on the proposed project.
“We’ll get one quote on the entrance area and six bays and a second quote, which would be for the entrance area and all 11 bays,” Stafford said.

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