Okolona woman charged with felony shoplifting

SALTILLO – An Okolona woman was charged by Saltillo Police with shoplifting.

The Sept. 27 charge against Toronto Spratt, 31, of Okolona, stems from a Sept. 21 incident in which she allegedly took a $35 dress from Emi Lou’s Boutique in Saltillo.

Spratt’s bond was set at $500 in the Lee County Justice Court.

Her misdemeanor shoplifting charges were escalated to a felony level because she has two prior shoplifting convictions.


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  • the_rocket

    This is the DJ’s lead story!? A $35 shoplifting charge? Really!?
    Pathetic. Does anyone that works at the Journal even have a journalism degree? And I mean a real degree, not one from Blue Mountain College or Oral Roberts university.

    • This was not a “lead story.” It was simply the most recent story posted, because JB got the information this morning and, as he is supposed to do, posted a story about it. If you would look in today’s hard copy of the Journal, you will find our lead story.

      Thanks for reading.

      • the_rocket

        Sorry, I thought we were talking about this site, djournal.com.
        Because when it loaded, “Okolona woman charged with felony shoplifting” was the top story listed.

        • Again, because it was the story most recently posted. And it was the first story posted on the site today that wasn’t in the paper. Many stories have been posted since then as we continually update the news that’s happening.

  • Pragmatic

    The real story behind this should be Emi Lou’s having a dress for $35.