On campus: Decision – and indecision

By Errol Castens/NEMS Daily Journal

OXFORD – Choosing a presidential candidate is tough for some and easy for others, but if several folks at the University of Mississippi are any indication, most voters have some favorite concerns.
Jared Boyd, a sophomore journalism major from Memphis, has beefs with both sides.
“The energy crisis is very important to me. I’m not very sold on Obama’s ideas, but I’m not agreeing with what Mitt Romney has to say about domestic drilling and domestic oil,” he said. “I’m also very concerned about foreign policies. I saw the debacle last week that the Democratic Party had, which also made me very critical of that side … but I think I’m going to vote for Obama,” he said.
Lauren Guy of Tupelo said conflicts among her own values make her decision difficult. Student loan issues affect her personally, but health policy and financing also will affect her career as a nurse practitioner.
“I come from a Christian background … but I also believe in people’s choice,” she said. “I know both candidates have done a lot to help (public health).
“Honestly, I’m still kind of torn between who I’m going to vote for, but I’m still learning and watching,” Guy said. “Hopefully I’ll figure out whom I’m going to vote for soon enough.”
For Sherry Starnes, an Abbeville resident who works for Aramark Food Services at Ole Miss, there is only one issue.
“I’m worried about job security,” she said. “I’m voting for Obama.”
Samuel Sloane of Chicago, a senior in criminal justice, says many of his concerns connect to the economy, from jobs to immigration to education.
“They can say unemployment is 8.2 percent all they want, but it’s way higher than that. We’re looking at 15 or 16 percent real unemployment, and that’s not what America is supposed to be about,” he said.
Social issues also concern the Army ROTC cadet.
“Society’s falling apart,” Sloane said. “We need go back to the family unit, and that’ll create better people who have a better work ethic. That’s what we need to see happen.”

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