One Big Booger: Tupelo truck a fun hobby for family, bystanders

By Stephanie Rebman/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Nobody’s ever stared so hard at Big Booger that they’ve run into a light pole, but many have grinned and gawked well past the light turned green at an intersection.
Big Booger, a massive green truck, can most often be seen in north Tupelo and is often parked at the Goodwill drop-off site on North Gloster Street.
That’s because its owner, Vic Oxner, works there. And since Big Booger only gets 2 mpg in its 21-gallon tank, it’s a good thing he doesn’t live far from there either.
Oxner has lived in Tupelo all his life and graduated from Tupelo High School in 1986. He worked at Action/Lane for a while and had his own roofing business. After visiting the Gulf Coast and seeing all the large trucks, Oxner and his 17-year-old son decided it would be fun to create one of their own.
“I had owned a roofing company for about 10 years and then the economy got so bad, so I worked on that,” he said.
The journey to create Big Booger started in July 2010 and was finished in less than three months. Oxner found a 1978 Chevrolet K20 and took out its 3/4-ton rear end and put in a 1-ton instead so it would better hold his 19.5×44 Super Swamper Bogger tires. He put “a lot of goodies” into an engine and it was ready to go.
He said he actually had to work real hard to find his Chevy because many got crushed in the recent “Cash for Clunkers” program.
“The engine, transmission, all of it is new,” he said. “If something goes wrong with it, I fix it. I’ll have it until my wife gets tired with it.”
His wife Regina is only 4 feet 10 inches tall, so Oxner has to pick her up and put her in the truck.
“She says she don’t like it, but she really does,” he smiled.
In fact, the whole family enjoys the big green noise-making machine, including his 6-year-old daughter and her friends.
“The kids around the neighborhood and my kids said it looked like a big green booger,” Oxner said, and that’s how the truck got its name.
Oxner’s 13-year-old daughter even has a shirt with “Green Booger” on it that she wore to this year’s Blue Suede Cruise where plenty of kids were able to sit in the driver’s seat and get their pictures taken. And not to be left out, adults were able to gawk and grin as well.
“If I had a dollar for every picture that’s been taken of it, I’d never have to work again,” he said. “I bet there’s a million pictures of it. That’s fine, I love it.
“I’m proud I built it because kids love it and everyone gets a kick outta it.”
There’s only one side effect, other than the gas mileage, of Big Booger, and it’s generally when you first get in for a ride.
“If you’re not used to riding in it, when you get out your eyeballs will still be bouncing,” he said. “It hits every crack in the road, but it drives real good.”
Next time you see Big Booger and snap that picture with your cell phone, say hi and talk to Oxner about his truck.
“I’ve never met a stranger and I love to run my mouth,” he said.
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About the truck
– Gets 2 mpg

– Gas tank holds 21 gallons

– To the top of the center of the cab is 8 feet 1 inches

– From the ground to the floor board is 43 and a half inches

– The front has 17 inches of lift

– The rear has 15 inches of lift

– It has a small block Chevy engine with “a lot of goodies” in it

– Its tires are 19.5×44

– It is four-wheel drive

– Stickers on the back window are the products used on the truck